New School Year – New Releases from SAMI

Every year the advertising seems to start earlier and earlier. The books are just being put away and the “back to school” specials start appearing in the press and on television.

We hope everybody who had time off over the summer had an enjoyable and rewarding summer. Whether you are a big sports fan or not, this summer you couldn’t but notice the Olympics. What a wonderful few weeks they were, great sporting action and great spirit inside and outside the arena.

However, this summer at SAMI it wasn’t all about Olympics watching. We’ve had a really busy and productive few months developing our solutions. We’re delighted to announce that the latest version of our School solution Edvance has just been released.

The new release is based on feedback we’ve been getting from our customers over the past year. Firstly the functionality has improved and you’ll discover an easier to use interface. Plus, we have new features including standardised testing and customisable reporting that we’re confident will make simplify school management. But we’re not resting on our laurels yet.  Our development team is currently working to add new features (anyone for a VLE, finance packages, school websites, school shop??), and we’ll see constant additions to the product over the next few months. So now there’s no excuse for your school not to embrace the latest technologies and create a better working and learning environment.

However that’s not all we’ve been working on. Something really big is in the pipeline for students. Having provided students with software for a number of years, we’ve noticed that something is missing when it comes to software specifically targeted for online study and exam success. So, we’ve done something about it. It’s coming very very soon and it’s going to change the way students study. Stay tuned for more..