Microsoft Authorised ResellerThe OVS-ES Agreement (or Open Value Subscription Agreement for Education Solutions) is designed for any educational establishments with an FTE employees (Full Time Equivalent) count of less than 1,000.

Microsoft’s Site License Agreement for Schools (OVS-ES) was introduced as an alternative that provides educational institutions a simplified way to acquire Microsoft software and services under a single, subscription enrollment.

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The Agreement provides primary, secondary, higher and further education institutions:

  • An affordable volume based price and the rights to the latest Microsoft Enterprise software products including Microsoft Office 2016, Windows 10, Microsoft Core Client Access License (CAL Suite and Microsoft Enterprise Client Access License (ECAL) Suite
  • The simplicity of counting Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees just once per year. An FTE is someone who works 200+ hours per year
  • Software Assurance; a powerful combination of benefits that include new version rights, the Home Use Program (HUP)* and many other advantages including tools and training resources
  • A broad selection of additional Microsoft software products that may be licensed in any quantity
  • Free add-on for Office 365 ProPlus for Student and Teachers
  • Predictable annual payments with a one-year or three-year term option


OVS-ES Benefits:

  • Easy Compliance: Through the simplicity of yearly FTE employee counts just once per year, you can be confident that your are fully covered for the desktop platform products you’ve selected regardless of yearly fluctuations in employees or devices
  • Customised Solutions: Easily add additional products either organisation-wide, department-wide or individual licenses at any time during your subscription term so you can deliver the right mix of technology and services to your school staff and students
  • Low Administration: Subscription licensing eliminates the need to track licenses for selected desktop platform products on every PC which enables your staff to be more productive as they no longer have to track multiple licenses across the institution
  • Simplified Asset Management: Self-service tools such as the Volume License Service Center (VLSC) enable you to easily track and manage your software assets and Software Assurance benefits from one convenient, online location
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Realise the maximum value from your licensing investment with included benefits such as access to current technology, Work at Home Rights for faculty and staff and product evaluation rights

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Not sure if OVS-ES is the right choice for your organisation? Consult our team of experts for more insight here.

Why is OVS-ES good for schools?

Microsoft School Licensing– Switching to OVS-ES subscription from a perpetual license will reduce your annual cost substantially.

– You will always be licensed for the latest version of Microsoft software, whether you choose to use it or not. This means the decision to move to the latest version of Windows or Office can be dictated by your teaching or learning needs, not by cost.

– The OVS-ES Agreement license includes Software Assurance. See the benefits of Microsoft Software Assurance below.


What are the minimum requirements to participate?

SAMI are a Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller (AER) and an Education Large Account Reseller (EdLAR) which means we can provide OVS-ES Agreements to organisations that meet the following requirements:

  • Customers with as few as 5 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employees can license through an Authorised Education Reseller (AER) by signing the simplified Open Value Subscription Agreement for Education Solutions, online e-agreement
  • Larger customers with a minimum of 1,000 FTE employees may also license through and Education Large Account Reseller (EdLAR) by signing the Campus and School Agreement and the Enrollment for Education Solutions. Contact us to find out more about this Agreement

Not sure if OVS-ES is the right choice for your organisation? Consult our team of experts for more insight here.


Software Assurance

Help boost productivity across your institution by enabling you to get the most from your Microsoft Software with Software Assurance. Availing of Software Assurance is more than just an upgrade, you get a broad range of value-added benefits to help you manage costs, get the most out of new technologies and improve employee productivity. Software Assurance provides a range of benefits to users:

  • Upgrade rights to new software versions
  • Staff purchase scheme to purchase Office for an extremely low cost
  • Online training for staff
  • Subscription to Technet/MSDN
  • Download software as required to try before you buy

Not sure if OVS-ES is the right choice for your organisation? Consult our team of experts for more insight here.


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*Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP) offers your school staff use of the latest version of Microsoft Office suite to use on their home computer through a low-cost download. When your school staff use the same software and home and at work, the naturally gain more skills which helps improve productivity.